How to set-up VPS in Dedicated Server?

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In this article, we learn How to setup VPS in Dedicated Server.There are followings steps  to follow -:

1- Initially we have to buy a Dedicated Server from one of server seller like OVH, it will give us Root and IP address (pinged one) of that server.

2- Then for configuring VPS firstly we have to assure that there is one Linux Operating system should be installed in the server like (Centos OS), then for VPS (Virtual Private Server) such steps are required to follow – :

a) Install Virtualizer Software for making VPS provided by SolasVM.

NOTE: It is used for  ‘Kernel-Based  Virtual Machine’ (KVM)

(b) Cost of this panel is 5$ only.

3- Dedicated server provide IP address & mac address should be a map with KVM.

NOTE: VPS use static IP address as much static IP we have that much VPS we will make with our Dedicated Server. The data center provides static IP’s in 3$.

4. Finally, we can provide VPS to the client



2 comments on “How to set-up VPS in Dedicated Server?

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