Linux web hosting give a solution to create WHM reseller account?

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Our site linux web hosting provides you a perfect solution for creating WHM reseller account——-

After buying VPS we follow the simple steps for creating Reseller account as given bellow:-

  • Reseller account can be created by only root.
  • After login the root, search for create a new account & click on create a new account as given in images and fill all the details and then create account.    
  • Now your Reseller account has been created.
  • If you want to give some privilege to Reseller user then again search for “Edit reseller nameserver and privileges” and click on it  and give the access which can be ticked in  shown in given images                                                                        
  • Then click on save all the setting.
  • After that there is some basics about WHM:-

1. How to suspend an account? only by Linux web hosting…….

search for “Manage Account Suspension” in WHM then click on it as shown in image and select the account which you want to suspend and then give the reason for  suspended. Now this way you suspend the account.

2.How to change the password?

Linux web hosting provides you also a solution for changing password in WHM account……

firstly search “List Account” and then search the account that you want to change the password then click on the “+” sign which is shown left side of the selected account .Write new password and click change and your password has been changed as you can see the image.                                                                                                                       

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